Smart Plug

Smart Plug


Mini Smart Plug Outlet Works with Amazon Alexa Google Assistant IFTTT, No Hub Required, ETL and FCC Listed Only 2.4GHz Wifi Enabled Remote Control Smart Socket 

  • All Within Reach: Control your electrical items via your phone whenever and wherever you are after downloading the FREE APP(small space)as long as there is a 2.4g network.Ideal for someone who can not move around very well and needs easy access to turn on/off a device.
  • Smart and Easier Life: By setting schedules and timers for the tamp, you can prepare a crock pot meal and get home with dinner's ready,10A and 1100W, turn off your nightstand light after sleeping. Please note that the plug is not suitable for the appliances whose power is more than 1100 watts (eg: air conditioner, microwave oven, induction cooker etc.)
  • Forget to shut things down? Forget to turn on/off your tamp or fan? Worry about overcharging? Want to give the appearance of someone is home? Gosund Smart Plug can help you control your home appliances, eliminate wasteful standby power and reduce energy use, save on your electric bills and extend product life.
  • Compatible with Many Third-Party Usages: Work with Amazon Alexa / Google Home / IFTTT; Compatible with Android 4.4. & iOS 8 above; Does not work with SmartThing, Homekit, Bluetooth. Only supports 2.4GHz network, does not support 5GHz, please kindly check your network is 2.4GHz before connecting the plug.
  • Easy to Install and Safe: Just plug a device into the wifi outlet and connect to your Wi-Fi network with APP "Smart Life". ETL listed, FCC, RoHS, reach Approval. Gosund smart plug is backed by 90 day unconditional full refund guarantee and 12-Month limited warranty.
  • Work with Alexa, Google Home

    • Step 1: Set your Echo Speaker by Alexa APP/Google Home APP.
    • Step 2: Enable a Skill which is "Smart Life" in Alexa APP/Google Home APP.
    • Step 3: Link your smart life account to skill.
    • Step 4: Discover the smart plug and control your device with voice.
    • Note: Set up Smart Life before setting up Alexa/Google Home.
  • Remote Control from Anywhere

    • Turn on or turn off connected devices wherever you are at any time through your smart phone.
    • The Smart Life APP allows you to add as many Smart Plugs as you'd like to keep track of multiple appliances, whenever, wherever.
  • Set Schedules / Timer

    • You can use the free app to create schedules / Timer to automatically power on or off your home electronics and appliances at anytime.
    • Scheduling allows you to prevent power-hungry devices from being left on longer than needed.
  • Item Weight

    8 ounces

  • Product Dimensions

    2.1 x 1.9 x 1.1 inches